Smith Brothers & Webb Ships First 'Airline-Style' Contained Effluent Transfer System to Hong Kong


The first of Smith Brothers & Webb’s new ‘airline-style’ systems for emptying the on-board toilet tanks of trains has been shipped to Hong Kong and is ready for installation.
The first of its kind in the world, the Contained Effluent Transfer System (CET) can empty tanks three times faster than conventional machines.
The Warwickshire-based company deployed “negative pressure” technology similar to that used in airline toilets to produce the super-fast machine.
The fully automated Britannia model allows a single operative to empty the toilets in a 12-carriage high-speed train in just 10 minutes – a task which would previously have taken half an hour.
The advance means that train operating companies can ensure passenger comfort while minimising the downtime for train servicing on busy routes adhering to tight schedules.
The first of the new machines will be installed at Shek Kong depot in Hong Kong and will be emptying up to 30 trains a night. Smith Brothers & Webb foresee more demand as train operators move towards a 24-hour service.
Andy Barracliffe, Director of Britannia Washing Systems, said: “The shipment of our first CET system is extremely exciting and we hope this will be the first of many as word spreads about the many advantages our CET systems offer. Operators want swift turnarounds of trains and the new fully automated Britannia CET saves them time.
“With the global growth in rail infrastructure and the increase in high-speed rail systems we are expecting a lot of demand from around the world for the Britannia CET.”
Another factor is growing environmental concern about effluent on train tracks – in many countries there are now regulations requiring any new trains to have modern on-board toilet systems that do not deposit waste onto the track.
The new Britannia CET is designed and manufactured in Alcester, Warwickshire, at Smith Brothers & Webb’s headquarters, where all of its famous Britannia brand of automated wash systems for trains, trams, buses, coaches and commercial vehicles are also made.
Britannia has a proud engineering history stretching back more than 70 years and exports around the world, having customers as far apart as Harwich and Hong Kong.
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