New Overseas Partnerships for Manufacturer of Britannia brand of train, bus, coach and commercial vehicle washing machines

Smith Brothers & Webb, the British manufacturer of the world-famous Britannia brand of automated washing machines for trains, buses, coaches and commercial vehicles, is expanding its global presence to meet market demand.

The company has forged two new working partnerships with companies in Singapore and Lithuania - its first in Europe - following the major investment in rail infrastructure which is taking place in the Far East and the Baltic States.
Further agreements are in the pipeline as Smith Brothers & Webb is pursuing a number of projects in territories where the rail infrastructure is being expanded, including the Far East and India.
Business has been so buoyant that in the first six months of this year as many orders have been placed as were won in the whole of 2013, such is the popularity of the Britannia brand.
Customers are attracted by the unsurpassed washing quality of its bespoke automated machines and the speed of operation of its new “airline-style” Contained Effluent Transfer (CET) for trains which operates three times faster than conventional models.
Harvey Alexander, Chairman of Britannia Washing Systems, said: “We are delighted to have entered into formal working partnerships with companies with excellent pedigrees who will build closer relationships with our customers in areas where rail travel is expanding."
“There are exciting developments in rail in many parts of the world and rail operating companies are turning to Britannia because they know we can be relied upon and will listen to their requirements."
“Not only can we help keep their rolling stock sparklingly clean on the outside, our innovative Contained Effluent Transfer systems maintain an essential service for passenger comfort faster than ever before."
“Around the world the Britannia brand is synonymous with reliability and excellent wash quality and we tailor our washing systems to suit any climate and any customer’s particular requirements.”
Both companies have a number of synergies with Smith Brothers & Webb.  The organisation in Singapore is Lai Yew Seng PTE Ltd., a multi-disciplinary engineering house with over 35 years’ experience.  Its specialty is in structural steel fabrication and erection and no better is their engineering prowess displayed than by the recent construction of the Dancing Cranes in Sentosa, Singapore.  More specifically it has relevant experience of automated wash systems and a strong reputation for its technical, project management and design experience within the rail sector.
The Lithuanian company is sustainable engineering, design and build specialist UPA.  Specialising in construction, the company has been responsible for building rail depots across Lithuania and is a business with a tremendous pedigree and work ethic which very much mirrors that of Smith Brothers & Webb.
Smith Brothers & Webb produces a range of drive-through and overhead gantry washing systems for trains, buses, coaches and commercial vehicles with a range of options including under-chassis wash and water recycling systems.

With a proud history of engineering excellence spanning 70 years, Smith Brothers & Webb designs and manufactures all of its automated washing systems, along with its Contained Effluent Transfer systems, at its plant in Alcester, Warwickshire.
The CET uses technology applied in airline toilets to achieve a far faster emptying of the tanks on board trains - allowing a single operative to clean out tanks on a 12-carriage high speed train in just 10 minutes.
One of the first installations of the Britannia CETs is at Shek Kong Depot in Hong Kong where three machines are capable of emptying tanks on up to 30 trains a night.

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