Three times faster than conventional models
Lightweight and easy to use
Exclusive Design Showcases Smith Brothers &Webb’s Expertise

Smith Brothers & Webb is helping train companies to save time with the launch of its new ‘airline-style’ Contained Effluent Transfer (CET) system that works three times faster than conventional models.
Exclusive to Smith Brothers & Webb, the fully automated CET uses negative pressure to evacuate 800 litres of effluent in just eight seconds – allowing a single operative to clean out tanks on a 12-carriage high speed train in just 10 minutes.
The task would have previously taken half an hour. The new fully automated Britannia model uses technology similar to that used in airline toilets and is the first of its kind in the world.
The first of the systems – designed and manufactured in the UK at Smith Brothers & Webb’s Warwickshire factory - demonstrates the company’s level of expertise and is soon to be installed in Hong Kong, at a depot on the Express Rail Link high speed line.
Smith Brothers & Webb is installing a Britannia fully automated CET at Shek Kong depot, which is capable of emptying tanks on up to 30 trains a night.
Smith Brothers & Webb Chairman Harvey Alexander pointed out that it is a perfect solution to meet modern day requirements.
Harvey Alexander said: “The speed and ease of use of the new Britannia CET system makes it particularly attractive for high-speed trains, which of course is fast becoming a major growth area.
“Furthermore with more trains now running at night there is less time available for maintenance.  Consequently we have already received a number of enquiries from train operators who are moving toward more of a 24-hour a day service.
“Operators want swift turnarounds of trains and this new fully automated Britannia CET certainly delivers – it can empty three times as many tanks as a conventional model in the same time.”
The market for CETs is growing, not least because increasingly environmental laws across the world now require any new trains to have modern on-board toilet systems that do not flush straight out onto the track. Instead they have to store effluent on board and dispose of it safely using CETs.  Additionally the global growth in rail infrastructure has further increased the demand. 
Based at Alcester, Warwickshire, Smith Brothers & Webb has a proud history of designing and manufacturing a range of automatic train and vehicle washing machines, as well as the CETs, under the Britannia brand.

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