Britannia Washing Systems Servicing Team Gears Up to Keep Britain's Vehicles in Pristine Condition

Britannia Washing Systems’ Servicing Team
Gears Up to Keep Britain’s Vehicles in Pristine Condition

Britannia Washing Systems engineers are seeing a spike in activity as its customers get prepared with the onset of a cold snap predicted and warnings of Arctic weather conditions in the run up to Christmas.  
The company which has a team of 15 maintenance engineers, says they have been working around the clock to ensure that its vehicle washing systems are in tip top condition to cope with the extra strain the winter months place.
A name which is synonymous with quality and longevity, Britannia has been providing vehicle washing systems to the commercial vehicle, coach, bus and rail industry for over 60 years.
Indeed it is a brand which is world renowned with approaching 500 wash plants in operation throughout the UK in a variety of operations including retail logistics and food distribution as well as many around the globe.
All Britannia systems are designed and manufactured in-house by Smith Bros & Webb, who provide a wide range of tried and tested solutions for vehicles operating in a range of environments. 
For customers with specific needs, the Smith Bros & Webb design team have the expertise to provide bespoke, turn-key systems to suit their customer’s individual needs.
The company offers six main product options catering for the commercial vehicle, bus and coach and municipal markets. 
The Britannia Strong is an automated three brush roll-over vehicle washing machine with a double pass operation which rinses on its return with a moving gantry.  It also has an advanced control system to wash a selection of small and large vehicles.   The Britannia Strong is a popular choice amongst transport operators as it is durable and reliable and maximises efficiency and minimises downtime.
Ideal for municipal and awkward shaped vehicles such as refuse collection lorries or for a quicker wash in under 4 minutes, the Britannia Strong Spray is an automated three brush roll-over vehicle washing machine with a single pass operation. 
The company’s Britannia Streamline washing system is a four brush drive through machine, particularly popular with bus companies with large fleets as it can wash up to 80 vehicles an hour, giving the quick turnaround required for modern fleet requirements, making it a favoured choice amongst bus and coach operators.  
More popular with smaller bus and coach fleets in particular is the Britannia Supreme.  This two brush drive through machine is suitable for all types of passenger carrying vehicles from minibuses to double deckers and is capable of washing up to 50 buses an hour.

For fleets of tankers or car transporters the Britannia Spray 2000 twin fixed arch brushless drive through system is the ideal solution with its chemical application and high pressure rinse arch.
And the latest addition to Britannia’s product line-up is the re-designed Britannia ChassisMaster machine.

Renowned as the best under chassis wash currently on the market it is fully compliant with MOT standards with proven wash jet system offering both lower operating costs and increased reliability. It also dispenses with the need for hot water or chemicals to provide even greater cost efficiencies.

Water reclamation systems can also be fitted alongside every wash that will help protect the environment, and reduce bills, by reducing water consumption and discharge.

Andy Barracliffe, Director of Britannia Washing Systems commented:  “The winter months always takes its toll on vehicles.   They need to be cleaned more frequently with particular attention given to the wheels and chassis to remove grime and prevent corrosion.

“It is therefore essential that our vehicle washing machines are serviced regularly in order to cope with the increased demand and as such we have seen a big increase in enquiries.”

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